Boyz II Men on the Cover of Philly Current Magazine!

Motownphilly is indeed back again, and Philly Current Magazine caught up with Shawn Stockman to find out what sounds out hometown favorites, Boyz II Men, have been harmonizing lately. Clearly, it’s not the end of the road for this record-breaking trio who still has the audiences swooning over their smooth sounds. 

What are the latest happenings with the group? We have a lot to be excited about right now! Currently, we have a residency at the Mirage in Las Vegas, which just got extended through 2014 and we can’t wait to get that out for the fans. Our Mirage residency has been keeping us pretty busy too, of course— and I’m also a judge on NBC’s hit show, “The Sing Off,” which is now in its 4th season! 

Of all of your songs, what’s your favorite to sing live? There are certain songs that we play that make the crowd go crazy each and every time — and we never get tired of that! A lot of the ones you might expect, like “End of the Road,” “On Bended Knee,” “I’ll Make Love to You.” Those are always so much fun to perform.

Which of your songs still gets stuck in your head? You know, our songs don’t really get stuck in my head— I think because we perform and rehearse so much that I have a chance to get them out every day! But when we’re in the studio and working on new material, the songs we’re working on definitely stick.

Which song seems to get the biggest crowd reaction live? “I’ll Make Love to You” — the crowd always gets excited about that one! 

What instruments do you play or would you like to learn? Nate plays some piano, but Wanya and I are just singers! Of course I’d love to learn some instruments at some point, but right now my voice is my instrument. 

If you didn’t focus on R&B, what style would you like to try your hand at? R&B is just so much of who we are that it’s almost impossible to imagine doing anything else — but we love pop, hip-hop, and rock. We’re not close-minded at rap when it comes to music. 

Is “I’ll Make Love to You” still the best song ever for Valentine’s Day? It depends on what your plans are for Valentine’s Day!!

What’s currently getting the most rotations on your playlist? We like to mix it up between older and newer artists. We love Prince— he’s such legend— and of course we like the younger guys, like Justin Timberlake.

What would we be surprised to find out you like, musically speaking? There are definitely a few offbeat things that people wouldn’t expect, like the Deftones or even Metallica. Variety is key! 

Where’s your favorite spot in Philly to play? It’s hard to pick just one! We’ve played everywhere, from the Well’s Fargo Center to the Temple Performing Arts Center, and the crowds are always amazing and each venus has its own vibe, so it’d impossible to choose. 

How about just to go and relax in town? Philly has so many great restaurants and lounges and such a vibrant arts scene. We always spend time with out families and friends while we are back, but of course we love to check out new places and revisit the old ones too. 

Scrapple: yes or no? I’m more likely to order a good old-fashioned Philly cheesesteak when I’m in town.

Can you play at our next block party? Just tell me when and where!

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